Draft Overview

The Commonwealth TESOL Association has been approached by the World Association of Master Chefs to develop a brand new program for English teaching within the Hospitality and Tourism Industries.

The aim of the program is to support the development of the Hospitality and Tourism industries in China creating less barriers to tourists due to language variations.  The following aims were provided as part of the brief for the program developers:

  1. Develop a program that supports English Language Training within the Hospitality and Tourism industries
  2. Create a mechanism where by English speakers from around the world can play an active part in the specified industries as English tutors
  3. Build a network of support agents to assist in developing a broader network of companies within the Association.
  4. Promote the program at a national level throughout China.

The program developers  engaged the services of the International Second Language Proficient Rating (ISLPR) Program designer Dr David Ingram to support the development of the English program by providing guidance and review of content materials.  Dr David Ingram also developed the IELTS program and is the foremost world expert in English Language development testings and assessment.

Materials for the program are being developed by in house writes and will be directly relevant to the industries as listed. 


Once the program developers at the Commonwealth TESOL Association understood the aims the following objectives were drawn up as a guide for development:

  • To provide an in house English support training for staff within the Hospitality and Tourism industries
  • To develop a series of English sessions that will support English Development and comprehension amongst staff
  • To engage tutors specifically matched for the industry with suitable experience to support an understanding of the context in which people are working
  • to expand the network of the WAMC membership program

These objectives are only guides and will change as the program is developed.


Tutors will need to have sufficient experience in a field or role that would allow them to better understand and support the development of the program through on site reviews and feedback.  related roles may include (but not limited to):

Asset Management Guest services
Chef (any Level) Hotel manager or supervisor
Cleaning Operations Operations Manager or supervisor
Concierge Porter
Entertainment Coordinator Reception
Event Management Resort Manager or supervisor
Finance Manager or officer Restaurant Manager or supervisor
Front counter service Tourism Manager or supervisor
Other related roles or careers  

Hospitality and Tourism cover a broad range of jobs and not all of them will be listed here.  there are also many industries that are related to these two so please consider your experience and how it may relate.

Nationality will not be a factor in his program however experience will.  It is vital that you have experience in one of theses industries or something related to them.


The following are recommendations are under review for tutors working under the program and give you an indication as to what will be provided as part of the package for a tutor.

These dot points are not confirmed and are only provided to give you a guide as to the program opportunity.  

  • Identify suitably qualified and experienced tutors
  • identify agents with the necessary skills for recruitment
  • Develop a remuneration package that is clear and suitable
  • Build a list of people willing to commence in the program early
  • Seek feedback from the industry as to requirements for tutors

The program aims to offer a very attractive tutoring package up to the value of US$4700 per month for 20 hours of set sessions a week.

Additional private tutoring sessions may also be available and would be worth up to US$30 each session.  An additional 10 to 15 sessions may be on offer per tutor per week meaning a total maximum of 35 hours work a week.

Remuneration Package (DRAFT)

  • Allowance per Month: Up to US$2700 per month (Yuan$17850)
  • Airfares (return airfare paid by us. Conditions would apply)
  • Accommodation (Provided up to the value of US$1200 a month (Yuan $8000)
  • Meals (An allowance will be provided in addition to the allowance per month fee listed above.  This may be up to US$800 a month extra)(Yuan $5200)
  • Insurance 
  • Bonuses (An attractive Bonus may be offered as part of the program)

Naturally the program is under development and we hope to trial this in late November.  Below are the eligibility requirements so far.  these will not change a lot as we have based these on a standard teaching role in China.

Eligibility Requirements

These are preliminary guidelines and may change as feed back is received.

  • Min two years’ experience (as listed in one of the industries listed above)
  • Degree Qualified (does not have to be in these industries)
  • High Level English proficiency (Possible ISLPR test to confirm level)
  • Current Passport (or the ability to obtain one)
  • Police Check (or similar security check requirements)
  • VISA fro work in China (Assistance will be provided to obtain)

The following are mandatory requirements to be accepted on the program.

  • Must be willing to engage in TESOL Development Program through CT and complete all 4 levels of training (Payment may be covered through the program so there may be no cost to you).
  • Must be willing to teach private tutoring sessions as required by the program. (Further details will be provided once development has been confirmed)
  • If required be willing to participate in an online interview via video chat.