Internship Program

2017 Internship Details

Information on Opportunity

In partnership with key organisations such as EA International Youth Exclusive Club ( the Commonwealth TESOL Association (CT) Ltd has developed a program that provides you with a great chance to experience one of those opportunities, to Intern in China and train in English teaching classes.

As more Chinese begin to travel overseas English training is becoming a real market and there is a high need for teachers of English.  Colleges and Universities across China are employing teachers of English to help fill the growing demand.  Problem is that unless you’re qualified then it’s very hard to land a job teaching.  This is where the CT Internship comes in.

About the Internship

CT has partnered with one of the strongest youth organisations to offer internships to people who have a desire to teach English but are not fully qualified.  Through the Intern program you will gain skills to eventually become a teacher in your own right.

The CT Internship aims to provide you with a intern position at a reputable school, college or university while at the same time guiding you how to become a teacher.

In essence it’s a chance to learn the trade while gain cultural knowledge and exposure.

The excitement of this internship is something very few people will have the opportunity to do and 2017 will see limited spaces being offered.

You will experience a culture that is thousands of years old and develop personally and professionally improving your career path and future at the same time.

Benefits & Requirements

As a CT Intern you will benefit from being supported by a strong group of professional educators and business people.  Your acceptance into the program comes with it a level of respect and professional acknowledgement that is hard to achieve unless you are fully qualified.  This programs gives you a leg up into this realm early, helping your achieve your goals sooner.

Teaching contracts are generally for one year but internships can be for six months so you can get a feel for it. You will then have the option to renew for a further six or twelve month contract should you choose to.

Whether you are looking to commence a career of seeking a change, an internship with CT is a great place to look.

Requirements for Successful Acceptance

To be successfully accepted into the program you need to meet the following requirements:

  •  - Completed at least year 10 High School certificate with passes in Maths and English
  •  - Obtain a Level 1 TESOL Certification from CT prior to departure (course is conducted online) Unless you already have a TESOL qualification.
  •  - Become a member of the Commonwealth TESOL Association
  •  - Have a mature attitude and good presentation
  •  - Be willing to live in China for at least 6 months and commit to a contract for this duration
  •  - Be keen to learn Chinese Mandarin culture both professionally and personally
  •  - Be passionate about teaching
  •  - Be of good character and have good work ethics
  •  - Have a passion to travel and see the world – starting with China
  •  - Looking for opportunities to grow professionally and personally
  •  - Be ready to travel overseas (Current passport and police checks are mandatory VISA requirements)


Just like a traditional Teaching role in China the CT Internship comes with all the same benefits you would expect. You will gain real world experience you can add to your CV from day one.

Avoid paying rent while you’re working as accommodation is included saving you literally thousands

Just imagine not having to pay for utilities such as electricity saving you even more money.

Build your credibility as a foreign teacher.  Teachers are highly regarded in China so a little celebrity status is involved as well as the fact that EA International Youth Exclusive Club ( is a well-respected education provider because CT only partner with the best in the business.

Included in the internship agreement is: (Subject to change)

  • A monthly salary of approximately US$1300 net (Because of the low living costs it means that the capacity of your salary is five times more valuable in China)
  • A return airfare from your country of origin (Return fair paid upon completion of contract only).
  • Comprehensive Insurance within China
  • Accommodation

 The Next Step

Step 1  Submit an application form

Applicant Requirement

  • Complete 2 Stage Application process
  • (This is to assess eligibility)
  • Include the following in applicaiton
    • Application form
    • ID
    • Current Resume (CV)
    • 2 x Video presentations

CT Requirement

  • Review Registration
  • Conduct Interview if required
  • Prepare Documentation for formal submission (translate etc)
  • Make submission to education institution

(Timing: Interviews if required are normally conducted within 7 days from receipt of documentation.  Formal submission within 30 days from interview)

  Step 2  Consider Job offer

Application Requirement

  • Consider  offer
  • Complete a least a  Level 1 CT TESOL Certificate (up to 150 hours) (credit offered if candidate already has a TESOL or equivalent certificate)
  • Submit Certificate and receipt of payment

CT Requirement

  • Prepare Internship offer document
  • Liaise with Offeree (Host)
  • Submit Internship offer to Applicant
  • Finalise Internship offer placement

  Step 3  Prepare to travel

Application Requirement

  • Intern Visa
    • Collect mandatory documents for VISA application
      • Police Check
      • Passport
  • Air Tickets
    • Advise CT of your preferred Date of Travel (Subject to Via Approval)
  • Organise personal affairs prior to departure
  •  Read departure documents

CT Requirement

  • Prepare complete documents for VISA Submission to reduce delay
  • Submit VISA application to Chinese Authority
  • Inform Host of travel Dates
  • Organise Air tickets, airport pick-up and drop-off
  • Review details with Application

  Step 4  Arrive in China

Application Requirement

Follow arrival instruction as outlined in departure document

  • Under director of your Host, CT or Schools staff organise work and living arrangements (up to two weeks settling in period)

CT Requirement

  • Confirm Air tickets, airport pick-up and drop-off to accommodation
  • Organise with Host for Induction and settling in Process


  Step 5  Begin your Internship

Application Requirement

  • Start your classes
  • Enjoy the journey


CT Requirement

  • Check with Candidate each week for first month then every month via email or phone
  • Visit with Client during internship at least once every six months