Terms and Conditions

Please read carefully the following information:

NOTE: No payments are required in order to make an application.

Registration Policy: The registration is non-transferable.  The registration will be valid for 12 months from date of receipt.  Should you wish to cancel please notify by mail as soon as possible.  No refunds will be made on cancellation.

Disclaimer Policy: Commonwealth TESOL Association takes care to provide accurate information where possible.  This information pack is accurate to the best of CT ability however may change without notice.  CT does not offer any guarantee on employment, wages, salary, incentives or rewards based on this application.Indemnity Clause: To the fullest of the Lay the Applicant of this document as listed above shall indemnify and hold harmless Commonwealth TESOL Association Ltd, its directors, shareholders, agents, managers or staff from any and all loss, costs, penalties, fines, damages, claims, expenses (including attorney’s fees) or liabilities arising out of, resulting from, or in connection with any service being provided which this form relates to.

Privacy statement: Commonwealth TESOL Association Ltd keeps all applications confidential along with all information provided.  All information is kept secured and provided to the relevant authorities for the purposes of contracts, applications and or VISA requirements. Your primary email and mobile (Phone number) will be the main contact details used for communication purposes.

The following table outlines costings associated with the Intern Program.  These prices are administrative only and represent your commitment to the program.

Your Commitment
  Amount Plus GST Total
Confirmation Fee

Payable only upon acceptance of Internship contract.

This Fee is non-refundable.

This fee covers:

  • Preparation and translation of your documents for formal submission
  • Formal submission requirements to Host school
  • Internship contract preparation

VISA Application Fees - (Government requirement)

If accepted a further VISA Application fee will be required.  This is a mandatory fee and is required for your VISA application and remaining scope of works undertaken by CT.







Commonwealth TESOL Level One (1) Certificate

This is a mandatory Certificate for an Intern

Should you be offered a position you will be required to complete this Certificate.  This is an online certificate that will take approximately 6 hours to complete depending on your commitment.

Recognition of Prior Learning Approval may be granted if you already have a current TESOL Certificate or Equivalent.

$400.00 $40.00 $440.00

Full Terms and Conditions will be provided in your Confirmation Letter once accepted.