Past Students and Friends

Just some of the students we have worked with over the years.  we look forward to adding your name to the list.

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James K. Minnesota USA

One of the greatest experiences of my life.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn and study internationally.  It has advanced my career greatly and I have already seen the results landing a new job teaching Business at home.

Lenna W. Swedan

I was a bit nervous at first as I was not sure about living away from home on my own especially in a different country, but once I got there I made friends quickly.  Loved every minute.  SOOO happy I did it.

Karman F. Melbourne Australia

Got to admit I was scared as but not anymore.  I so am going to do this again.  Best thing I did ever.  Thanks CT for helping me make this adventure happen.  See you again soon.

Adam W. UK

What a great course and program.  thanks for the opportunity to experience the world.  Really meant a lot and loved the support I got while away from home. Good luck and all the best.

Aaron F. Brighton UK

Thank you for the help you provided me.  It was a pleasure being part of the initial program and good luck for the future.

Emma V. USA

Amazing, Simply Amazing. This last year was one of the best in my life. I am so looking forward to coming back again soon. Love to all.

Jerome P. Washington USA

Thanks G for the chance to be part of this.  I was skeptical at first but man what a rush.  Great program great people, great experience.

Harriet C. Perth Australia

I really want to thank the staff of Commonwealth TESOL for their support, guidance and all the effort they put it. All the best and if you ever need any help please let me know.

James M. LA USA

Hi and thanks for the chance to do the program.  Really want to thank the trainers and the effort they put in.  Seriously without your help I would have been stuck a few times.

Cameron P.

Thank you Thank you Thank you.  What more can I say.