Video Assessment


Please complete Stage 2 of your application.

  • The following information is collected to ascertain you English ability and comprehension. Please read each question fully and follow the tasks.
  • In order for our panel to assess your English language you will be required to upload two videos of your self. One is a brief 1 minute video of your personally and the other is showcasing your teaching style. Commonwealth TESOL conduct these assessments as a means to ascertain your accent and English Proficiency as well as  your ability to teach English.  Should you not wish to complete these two assessments then your application will not be accepted.
  • This first video is all about you.  Tell us your name and where you are from and why you would like to become a Commonwealth TESOL English Trainer.   Remember that presentation and first impressions are everything so sell us YOU. Your video should go for no longer than 30 seconds. 
  • The second video is more specific to teaching and requires you to showcase your teaching style. Choose one of the following topics and present a short two (2) minute introduction to a lesson on how you would teach this topic of English training.